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The Twilight Zone

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I had just finished my story to post here on my blog and wanted to add an image so I searched through my photos to see what would fit it. As I browsed through, I decided to check on which past photos had already been posted and that's when I noticed that my website had lost all of its images. How long has it been like this? I haven't checked in a while so it could be days or it could be ages. Hmmmm, maybe I can just re-upload them. Nope. My website host seems to have none of my images in its database nor any new ones I can upload to it. I tried to contact customer service to see if they could do something about this, but the website just took me in a million different directions of frequently asked questions. There is no person I can actually chat with. No surprise. This is just another day in the Twilight Zone and I had to laugh because every. single. day. has felt like this.

Yesterday, I walked into the post office to find two people arguing and it was a pretty heated battle for first thing in the morning. After, I bumped into someone who I've known for years and he either didn't recognize me or pretended now not to know me, both of which struck me oddly. Subsequently, I went to my phone company to ask a question and found out that my recently upgraded home internet is showing in their system as inactive despite the fact that I'm using it. Later in the afternoon, I wanted to stop in at a new store, but Google Maps drove me all around town while never actually getting me to my destination. In the meantime, however, a giant insect flew in my car window and stuck to my cheek while I was driving. I mean, what in the world is happening?

What's happening is that the world is still shifting. It has been, as we know, for years now, but it's still got a lot of intensity. Every day feels off to me and I feel almost dizzy at times from the swirl of collective energy pulling me in a multitude of frequencies. If it's not technology going haywire unexplainedly then it's people acting crazily, so I'm just going to do my best to stay centered and sane and I suggest the rest of you do the same. Here's my story with no photos at all because for who knows what reason they're no longer available and my website that's a mess despite me not even having touched it. Cheers to the craziness!

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