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Shhhh Be Quiet!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Can you hear it? Can you hear yourself feel, not think? Can you feel the world shift that's been happening? Can you hear your neighbors music playing or the birds chirping? Can you hear your dinner sizzling? What about the cars driving? Can you hear the people off in the distance chatting or the person down the street putting bottles into the recycling?

You can't?

Put your phone down then, get off media, and get present. It's hard to hear ourselves and our real lives with all the noise going on around us, but we had lives before technology took over them and I'm as guilty as any for being overly involved in it. We're losing touch with our senses because when we're connected to technology, we're disconnected from our bodies. Media and technology take us to another realm where reality is produced by "them" rather than what we're actually living. It shows a world driven and dominated by violence, money, power, greed, and corruption and although it's true that all of these things exist, what is the real percentage? Is it everywhere like the media depicts or is it really only a small fraction of the equation? Either way, after finishing this story on my computer, I'm going to disconnect from tech and log into this sunny Tuesday where currently I can hear the sound of the racecars practicing on the Imola raceway and the street sweeper cleaning the road under my balcony.

If you get real quiet, you can hear it again. You can hear the sounds of your real life come in, sounds which aren't streamed through a smartphone or a television. If we just listen, we might hear ourselves feel again and connect to what our reality really is in the present.

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