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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I have ...

Loved enough

Given enough

Travelled enough

Worked enough

Written enough

Spoken enough

Created enough

Fought enough

Spent enough money.

I have made enough tough choices

I’ve made enough mistakes

I’ve been brave enough to follow my dreams and I have certainly shared enough of my time and energy.

I don’t need anyone else to give me anything that I’m seeking because it's all inside of me and I’ve waited 40 years to understand what it feels like to love myself completely.

Loving yourself is easy to say because it’s a popular phrase, but it becomes real when you feel you no longer have anything to prove, nor anything else you need to do.

There is no car you need to drive

No amount of money to be made

No stuff to be bought

No house to be owned

No relationship to be had

No show to put on

No recognition to be gained

No approval to be sought

No conditions to be drawn

No objectives to be met

No weight or shape of your body to be obtained

No battle to be won-not against yourself, the universe, or anyone.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you no longer have goals or desires, but that you accept and embrace everything that you are, as you are, currently. There is no lack, nor anything missing, because there is nothing you need to do, have, or be, to be complete.

I, you, and we, are enough just as we are, living out our journeys, and rather than searching externally, all we really need to do is to give ourselves all the support, time, respect, honesty, sincerity, and kind words that we are desiring and do so frequently, repetitiously, and infinitely until we know, believe, and feel that we love ourselves entirely.

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