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I'm back. It's me. Jessica McSperitt has returned to the living. I took a long detour which temporarily deviated me from living exponentially. I've come full circle, however, and feel like myself again now more than ever. The dreamer, the creator, the motivation to live my every heart's desire is oozing out of me every day, every hour, to the fullest of my power because the difference now is that I'm stronger than ever. I fought to recover after living a nightmare. After shunning my soul, after hearing it scream. Screaming so loudly I couldn't continue what I'd been living. I had to start listening, so I did, and now I'm back to loving life again and living as I should be.

I've vamped up my blog to reflect what I'm feeling-a flow, a drive, my innate desire and strive to create something divine. I've archived my past posts because they're currently being compiled into my never-ending pursuit of publishing. My book will be available sooner rather than later I'm hoping.

Just as I'd written about back in December, my goal was to ring in the new year changing for the better, and I seemed to have turned that corner. I'm now enjoying the sweet part of life, the luscious part of living, and I want to share with you all the fun I've been having.

What I'm asking for now, is for you to take a ride with me. To relish in the delight of being, to taste the lighter side of existing. Let's savor the succulence of the seeds that have sprouted, the fruit of our labor, the work of fruition. Let's motivate each other and proceed together in exploring the vastness of the human existence thoroughly by plowing through the thickness of every possibility and living with the intention of feeling something greatly, loving completely, and seeing what we've only been dreaming.

I'll be writing weekly to share my trips, jaunts, and thoughts and will await your comments and experiences as inspiration and companionship to continue the progress. Perhaps on boats or on buses, beaches, deserts, or the sea, maybe on a river or in a valley ,or the infinite love of friends and family. Oh what we will do and what we will see. Our hearts will unite at the connection between hardship and bounty, the journey from desolation to prosperity, the moments of confusion and clarity. Hurry up! Let's go! The view is limitless and beauty is abounding from Seattle to Imola and everywhere surrounding. Whether you're here with me in Europe, or living elsewhere vicariously, come travel, play, thrive, eat, drink, and dream with me. We'll do it all with love from Italy!

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