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What Would You Do for LOVE?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Would you think, seek, long for it?

Would you dream, wish, hope for it?

Would you find, question, try for it?

Would you renounce, move, risk for it?

Would you doubt, fight, or separate from it?

Would you lose faith or would you work on it?

Would you hurt, heal, and understand it?

Would you marry or divorce from it?

Would you change, grow, and compromise because of it?

Would you build something from it?

Would you love yourself first and foremost knowing that this is what’s most important?

Would you recognize that you already have it because it's prevalent within ourselves and in all of our healthy relationships, jobs, and pursuits done with passion.

Would you settle or would you search relentlessly until you find the thing that makes you live to the limit and experience all the emotions that come with it. What would you do for love?

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